Why LifeBuuk?
No more Lazy-Still-Life photography! A simple and trending way to free your photos from your mobile phone & computer to preserve memories in tangible way!
What is LifeBuuk?
Each LifeBuuk allows you to choose 50 photos from your mobile phone gallery, Facebook & Instagram by using LifeBuuk application. Each photo is detachable from the album for easy sharing / framing. You can also give your album its name + it will be printed with a premium quality gold foil stamping!
All photos are printed on genuine FUJIFILM Crystal Archive photo papers, giving you the best of quality the photography market has to offer.
What is the size of LifeBuuk?
The size for LifeBuuk is 4R. The perfect size for sharing, framing and storing!
How is the quality of LifeBuuk?
Quality is something that we take seriously at LifeBuuk. We are using FUJIFILM latest photo-printing technology to print the photos you uploaded to us. Most importantly, each photo is printed in FUJIFILM Crystal Archive photo papers.
So the quality is assured by not us, but by FUJIFILM themselves. So far, our customers are very happy with the quality they get from us and which we are proud of but actually FUJIFILM should take the credit!
Try it out. Seeing is believing.
Will my photos taken from Facebook / Instagram become distorted / pixelated? devices can run LifeBuuk?
The photos will not appear distorted/ pixelated especially if you grab the original photos from your phone gallery and camera before exporting to Facebook/ Instagram without any excessive editing from other software/ in an acceptable photo resolution.
Can I choose previous month’s covers?
Part of the fun and exciting of LifeBuuk – we change the three awesome covers options on every 1st of the month! Act fast before it runs out! Be surprised by the monthly covers each month!
If you have missed out your favorite cover of a particular months and wish to choose the previous months’ covers, we are more than happy to arrange for you (subject to availability). Kindly email your enquiry to hello@lifebuuk.com together with your Order ID upon upload completed.
How much does LifeBuuk cost?
There are three different packages for LifeBuuk. There is not minimum purchase, but the more you buy, the more you save!
1 LifeBuuk @ RM 28
2 LifeBuuks @ RM 56
3 LifeBuuks @ RM 84
*All print / delivery credits will expire after 30 days from the date of purchase. Updated on March 12, 2020.
(LifeBuuk Printing Solutions Sdn Bhd reserves the rights to alter the pricing schedule without prior notice)
How much is the delivery fee for West Malaysia & East Malaysia?
RM 7 for West Malaysia
RM 13 for East Malaysia
Note: Each delivery credit can carry a MAXIMUM of 3 LifeBuuks.
How can I check my credits balance?
To see how many credits, simply login to your account and go to My Account.

Print Credit – Your available print credit that can be used
Delivery Credit – Your available delivery credit that can be used
//Print Credit – Your available print credit that can be used
//Delivery Credit – Your available delivery credit that can be used
How come my Facebook photos are not displayed in the application after I have connected to Facebook?
Go directly to Facebook settings icon on the right side of your screen. And click on ‘Apps’ on the left side of the screen. Go to the section named ‘Apps you use’ and look for ‘LifeBuuk’ application. Make sure you have enable the Photos access.
Which devices can run LifeBuuk application?
The app is available in Apple App Store for iPhones & iPads and available for Android devices in Google Play Store.
For Desktop version, do download LifeBuuk application software at www.lifebuuk.com (Available from September 2016 onwards).
How do I delete photo?
Simply double tap on the photo and choose to 'Delete' or ' Replace Photo'.
How to rotate my photo?
Tap on 'Rotate' edit button to rotate.
Can I change my photo’s orientation?
Tap on ‘Orientation’ edit button to change your photo’s orientation.
How do I crop my photo?
Simply tap on your photo, pinch by using two finger to adjust your photo – to fit in / fill in to the grid frame.
Can I re-arrange my photos?
Yes, simply tap and hold your photo, then drag.
How can I add caption into photo?
Simply tap on ‘Text Caption’ edit button to insert your caption.
Can LifeBuuk support Chinese caption?
Yes, LifeBuuk application do support Chinese caption.
How do I place an order?
Go to LifeBuuk Draft – Ready to Upload, then click ‘Confirm to Print’. Confirm your order & delivery details and checkout.
Please note that you will have to have all of your checkout albums uploaded after checkout is completed.
What if I don’t have 50 photos to upload?
You may select multiple copies of the photos that you have selected until the quantity reached 50.
Which photo sources I can choose my photos from?
LifeBuuk gives you direct access to choose your photos from your mobile phone’s gallery, Facebook & Instagram.
Can I select multiple copies of the same LifeBuuk album?
You can order multiple copies of the same LifeBuuk with the same cover design in one order.
Ordering more than one?
While our minimum order is one, you can certainly purchase more than one. If you plan to ship all your LifeBuuks to the same address, simply add multiple LifeBuuk in My Order and complete the checkout process.
Can I ship to different address in one order?
You can only ship to one address per order. If you wish to ship to different addresses, you must place a new order for each different address.
How can I reorder a LifeBuuk I already received?
Reordering your LifeBuuk for friends & family is really straight forward! Select the album that you wish to reprint in Status / Reprint, click ‘Reprint’ and choose the cover of the month before checkout.
How do I find out my Order ID?
Order ID will be given as soon as you have complete your albums upload. You can go to Status / Reprint and click into the album that you have checkout to find the Order ID
Can I cancel an order that I have checkout and uploaded?
No, an order that has checkout it will appeared in Status / Reprint. Cancelation is not allowed.
Can I edit my albums after it has been placed and checkout?
Once you have checkout your albums, your order will immediately queue for production. We cannot change or cancel your order once you have uploaded to us.
How do I pay for my order?
As we are an online business, you can make the payment for your order via online banking account or credit cards (Visa and MasterCard).
Can I pay on COD (Cash on Delivery) basis?
All our payments are conducted online and COD services are not provided.
I have made the payment but I didn’t receive my credits?
It is highly likely the payment is not being captured. Please close LifeBuuk application, relaunch it to refresh the application to enable the credits being reflected in your LifeBuuk account.
If the earlier step fails to show your credits in your account, kindly email us the proof of the bank transaction or payment confirmation slip to hello@lifebuuk.com for further checking.
When am I charged for my order?
After you have placed your order, your bank account/ credit card will be charged the moment your checkout your order and after you have confirmed your delivery details.
Why am I being charged additional payments when I have Pre-Purchased the credits in Home Page?
This could be due to several factors below :

  • You have checkout additional album(s) apart from the credits that you have Pre-Purchased.
  • Your delivery address is in East Malaysia.
  • You have utilized your delivery credit in your previous order.
I have Pre-Purchase the credits, why am I being charged extra RM 7/ RM 14?
The offered packages in the mobile & desktop application are not inclusive of delivery fee.
RM 7 for West Malaysia
RM 14 for East Malaysia
Note: Each delivery credit can carry a MAXIMUM of 3 LifeBuuks.
How to make the payment if I don’t have online banking account or credit card?
Kindly email to hello@lifebuuk.com for further assistance.
How long it takes to upload my albums?
The time it takes to upload depends on two factors.

  • Size of the image(s) you are uploading
  • The speed of your internet connection
Why are my albums uploading slow / not uploading?
If upload is interrupted or is not progressing, check your network connection. Make sure resume your upload in a stable and strong internet connection environment.
The upload is freezes, what should I do?
If the upload is freezes, please note that your album’s photos are still not uploaded. Kindly quit and kill the app, then relaunch.
There’s a pop out box prompt to replace my missing photo(s). Why is this happening?
This error usually occured when you have deleted any selected photos from your phone gallery / Facebook / Instagram before you upload your photos to us.
What should I do if I have deleted selected photos from phone’s gallery / Facebook / Instagram?
Select a replacement photo in your phone gallery / Facebook / Instagram to proceed.
How to check my credits?
For more information about your available print credits & delivery credits, simply go My Account.
How to use my print credits?
Right after your credits purchase, your credits will be visible in My Account. This allows you to grab the cheapest deal offer by LifeBuuk and save for later use too.
How to use my Pre-Purchase print credits?
Your print credits will automatically show up in My Order after you have done Preview. To spend your credits, place an order and your relevant credits will be automatically deducted.
If your delivery credit does not apply, it may be because your delivery address is not applicable to use.
How long is my credits validity?
LifeBuuk print credits & delivery credits are valid for 30 days from the date of purchase.
Where can I check my order status?
Simply go on Status / Reprint to check your order status.
What do these status mean?
Ready to Upload - Your album is pending to upload. Kindly tap on the ‘Upload’ button to upload your album to us.
Order Received - Your order is well received and is in queue for production.
Printing - Your order is collected and printing is in progress.
Shipped - Your order has been picked up and being handled by the courier service company. Trace your parcel with the tracking number provided by email. It’s on the way to you!.
Cancelled - Your order has been cancelled.
On Hold - Your order is keep in view. Please check your email as registered in your LifeBuuk account for further details.
How long will it take for me to receive my LifeBuuk?
Once your order is received, you should receive your LifeBuuk within 5-10 working days.
How long does it take for LifeBuuk to be delivered if the order is placed today?
Each of the LifeBuuk is hand-assembled with A Heart Full of Lovessss. As customer’s satisfaction is our top priority, we run through quality check on each orders. Production and shipping duration are also dependent on peak season and courier service provider(s).
Usually, your order(s) takes 5-10 working days from the date of album(s) upload and payment received.
Can I arrange overseas delivery?
Currently, our delivery services are only available in Peninsular & East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak).
Can I change my address after the order has been placed?
This will depend if your order has already printed / shipped. If you have realized an address faulty after you placed order, kindly contact us immediately at hello@lifebuuk.com
Can I choose my preferred courier service company?
Yes, you may choose your preferred courier service company to have your LifeBuuk delivered to you. Kindly contact us at hello@lifebuuk.com once you have complete your albums upload for the courier service available options.
Can I combine orders to save on delivery fee?
Yes, you are allowed to do so. Making full use of your delivery credit, you can choose to checkout multiple albums in your LifeBuuk Draft. Each delivery credit or charges can carry a maximum of 3 LifeBuuks.
Can I deliver the LifeBuuk to my friends & family? How much do I need to pay for the delivery fee?
Sharing is caring. Yes, of course you can delivery your LifeBuuk to your friends & family. To make use of your purchased delivery credit, upload 3 albums together in one transaction/ order.
If you chose to have your albums sent separately to different address/ at different time, RM 7 (West Malaysia)/ RM 13 (East Malaysia) will be charged accordingly.
Note: Each delivery credit can carry a MAXIMUM of 3 LifeBuuks.
Can I ship to different addresses in one order?
You can only ship to one address per order. If you wish to ship to different addresses, you must place a new order for each different address.
How do I track my shipped parcel?
Simply visit our courier service partner – Pos Laju System.
I have not received my LifeBuuk even after it was shipped?
Kindly check your order shipping date that comes with tracking number in the email. Standard shipping may take up to 5-10 working days to reach you. If you have not received your LifeBuuk more than 10 days, kindly contact us at hello@lifebuuk.com
Note : Working days exclude weekends and public holidays.
How do I verify my LifeBuuk account when I sign up with email?
You will receive a verification email after you have completed your sign up in LifeBuuk App. Click on the link in the email and verification will be done.
I did not receive verification email after I signed up. What should I do?
Sometimes, the verification email ends up in your spam / junk mailboxes. Do check it out.
Why am I unable to login my account?
If you have registered with us in the past, please ensure you take note of the capital letters when you login.
Can I change my e-mail?
Yes, you can change your e-mail in your account. Contact us via email at hello@lifebuuk.com and we will help you to update your account.
How do I contact LifeBuuk?
For collaborations / partnerships and all other enquiries that cannot be answered by our FAQs, kindly email us at hello@lifebuuk.com or reach us at 03-4041 4452 (ext 288).

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